Saintly Places of Europe

This map shows the towns and cities of Europe which have been named for saints. On the map towns named for a saint are indicated by a red dot. These red dots are scaled by the size of the population. The bigger a dot then the bigger the population of the town or city. If you click on a dot you can view the name of the town and, where available, its population and a link to its official website.

The Number of Towns Named for Saints by Country:

115 = France
79 = Italy
36 = Spain
17 = UK
6 = Germany

The data for the map comes from OpenStreetMap. To obtain the list of towns I used Overpass Turbo to search for towns and cities with names that include the words 'Saint', 'Sainte', 'St', 'San', 'Santa' and 'Sankt'. The countries searched were the UK, the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy. A few towns outside of these countries (in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria) map appear on the map as they fell within the bounding box used to search OpenStreetMap.

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